Mojave starts new record label, Black Canvas Records

We’ve been approached by a few record labels lately. while we are obviously honoured that they want to work with us, it more so makes us think we’re doing something right, and should keep going on that track.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, we’ve started our own record label, black canvas records. The business setup side of things is complete, and I guess you could say we’ve “signed” ourselves (but don’t worry, we got a good deal).

There is a long road ahead in the do-it-yourself world, but it’ll be more rewarding. Getting music out there and heard is now completely different than it was twenty years ago, or even five. Traditional and “old school” labels need to adapt, change, and conquer – like in the spirit of independents. We want to innovate, shake things up, and do something a little different.

Afterall, “indie” is more than a genre…

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