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press mentions

"Promising newcomers"
~ Gary Trust, Billboard Magazine

"You guys rocked the house! Great having you at CBC Vancouver!"
~ CBC Vancouver

"Spooky, folky soundscapes are the order of the day for Mojave. These tunes are the sort that tend to be creeping out of the shadows as dusk is falling and you’re trying to get home safely. The band’s latest, Crow’s Funeral, is stellar. And the band’s members care about the world, too."
~ Edmonton Vue Weekly

"Crow's Funeral is one of the best acoustic offerings you will hear this year"
~ Dave Smith, Ravenheart Music

"It's a beautiful production, layered with lush strings and electric guitars around the band’s acoustic guitar roots. LJ’s smooth-as-honey vocals draw you in immediately, and the hypnotic instrumentation keeps you there."
~ Ryan Mintz, Planetwize.com

"Crow’s Funeral is a dark, resounding album full of many different layers, both musically and emotionally, which gives a glimpse into the lives of its composers that can catch you off guard; a rare feat, and a beautiful one."
~ Sarah Morrison, Insomnia Radio



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