StillPointe, a Llama Sanctuary

Two years ago Lisa and I adopted a llama named Starman from StillPointe Sanctuary. What started as a random nickname I gave Lisa has turned into an intense love of this quirky four-legged creature. Most of you have heard about our big buddy – he was rescued from abuse and neglect on a farm, and now lives it up at StillPointe.

“Adopting” a llama simply means you donate a little bit every year to the sanctuary. When we first adopted him, we got a photo, plus a certificate of adoption and a little story about how he came to live there. It is by far one of the best gifts we’ve given each other.

regal starman is regal.

We visit Starman often, since the sanctuary is only a little bit to the west of Seattle. When we first visited, he was intensely wary and shy with us (because of the abuse he had to endure) and wouldn’t even take his favourite foods from our hands. Since then, after many visits and lots of patience, he is now completely calm around us and gladly takes food from us. I’m grateful that we’ve had a chance to show him people can be compassionate (even though some truly are not).

Starman is basically full of awesome. His gentle and stoic nature would put anyone at ease. So would the rest of the llamas in his herd (around 30 at the moment). They are intelligent and curious animals with very strong social connections to their herd. Hanging out at the sanctuary, surrounded by llamas has easily netted some of the best moments in my life.

If you’re interested, you can adopt a llama of your own. The sanctuary is run by just two people, who have basically donated their lives to helping these animals out, and their organization relies solely on donations to keep it running and keep the animals sheltered and fed.