See Ya Dan, We’ll Miss You.

a year ago this week we were in hamilton, recording our last album at catherine north with dan achen. so it came as a real shock when we found out he had passed away yesterday.

i really don’t know what to write. i’ve never written a blog about a friend who’s died. working with him was always an adventure. we didn’t always agree, but that’s what was cool about dan – he stuck to his guns, was never short an opinion, and stubborn as all hell.

i’m glad we got to work with him. i’m glad he played on our album and on stage with us at our CD release party. i’m glad he came to see us when we played in toronto on our last tour too. he was always up to seeing a show, because he loved music. lots of people say they love music, but he actually did.

it’s weird seeing his twitter account and his contact info in our phones. he really didn’t seem like the sort of person to die. we’re having a hard time with this, but obviously not as hard as his family or his son. so our condolences go out to them.

here’s chart attacks 11 reasons why dan achen was cool.

– paul & lisa.


Well said… I feel the same way, after having the chance to work with him in 2008 on our last disc, as well as recently on our new demos…

What a great man. I’ll miss him quite a lot.