Rainy Ghost

Finally, some exciting news! We’ve officially started the recording of our third album ‘Rainy Ghost’ at a secret mystery location here in Tofino. On board to produce and engineer the album is Geoff Johnson.

We’re already on day three and Paul has been busy working on guitar parts. The remainder of the guitar, additional instruments and all vocals will be starting next week. We’ve got some surprises in store for this new album including a live off the floor recording and a tribute to one of our favourite artists.

As some of you know the Mojave ship sets sail for Victoria sometime this month. We’re looking forward to new musical adventures south island and will miss all the amazing folks we met here in Tofino who have been huge supporters of the band. It means a lot for us to make this record here. This is such an inspirational place. I hope you can hear Tofino when you listen to it.