Lyrics from Stories

h3. faultline

why can’t i just be perfect, then i would be good enough for you, maybe then i’d meet your expectations, maybe then i would not disappoint. why are you afraid of silence, why are you not listening to me, hands behind you the knife is slipping. take me down as i start tripping, trust me, trust me, trust me, trust me, take me down when i’m not looking, turn your back when i reach out to you, maybe i was just too trusting, maybe i wanted this too much. loosen this grip and watch you slip, i know your lies won’t break your fall, words that crack can’t take them back, you promised me this wouldn’t hurt at all. why are you afraid of silence, why are you afraid of silence.

h3. lights out

just walk away from this, take whats yours and i’ll leave with mine, dont look back to this, it has to end for my life to begin. so quickly time is fading, will i hear you before the lights go out. i’ll make amends one day, until then i will still be afraid, but im ok right now, i cant look back, i need my life to begin.

h3. hollow

waking on empty, i’m leaving you behind, its better im hollow, then having you inside. oh hollow. looking for something. i’m travelling to find, this journeys not over, though my faith is going blind. comfort in confusion, indulge in discontent,
hanging on to past securities, ignoring what is left. i’m taking over, i’m taking back whats mine, it’s better im hollow, than having you inside.

h3. not obsessive – written by eric vani

could we have a little talk, about the fact that i feel like mud, do i look that dirty. drizzle wet seasons, and i guess it’s too early to talk that way, because they barely know me. i’ve got this tendency to play things up, i’ve got this neurotic dramatic trait, and it feels obsessive but i know it’s not, it feels obsessive but i know its not, i know its not. everyday i feel the symbol, of something more worthy in the back of my head, as you tear at me, and pride will shake this out of you,
and pride will shake you out of me, i’ll kneel and wash the mud from my feet.

h3. a place that time forgot

i’m walking in a place forgotten, how did we make it out this far, you cannot tell me that im dreaming, this place is everything i want. i am here with you, i am not without. you take me away, but will you show me the way home, have my footsteps been buried. i know we will not soon forget this, even when we are far from here, this moment only lasts forever in our minds, but i know well be here again. i know i’ll miss you in september, but sometimes things just come between.

h3. casa rosita

yesterday, waiting for today to begin, take it all, and take it in, our lives are ready to begin. morning light burn through the door, let me in, home is right where we are, this room, this place, this moment is all i need right now. desert spring, i’m listening to the season again, stories end, and stories begin. filled with hope, fulfilled within, this journeys ready to begin
through it all youre here with me, now we are ready to begin.

h3. here i am

talk to me, tell me what you’re thinking, tell me how you’re feeling, here i am wanting you, and wanting nothing more. i know, things are complicated, and we are both so jaded, trying to convince ourselves that we can walk away. you’re breaking me down, and i am starting to drown. this is tearing me apart, it’s breaking my heart, please don’t cry, this is not goodbye, beautiful words to a beautifully sad song, wake up beside me and tell me that it will be okay. i don’t have the right to ask you, who you give your heart to, but mine is breaking thinking it is someone else but me. it seems darker here on this night, it seems we’ve lost the light, but i don’t want to lose the moment that we were found. talk to me, tell me what you’re thinking, tell me how you’re feeling, here i am.

h3. unbroken

unbroken, the silence, it’s just so complicated, no questions, no answers, i guess it’s better left unsaid. unbroken, the tension, it’s always so frustrating, no resolve, no release, i guess signs are better left unread. i hope you will find some peace inside, i hope that i can find some sleep tonight. unbroken, the moment, so much is still left waiting, no closer, no wonder, I’m just so damn impatient. unspoken, i’m breaking, it’s just too complicated, no power, no control, no way we’ll leave unbroken. this glass is half empty, my mind is full, i do not make the logic, do with me what you will.

h3. one will fall

speak to me like you want a conversation, look at me like you want to know what i am feeling, can one be all. all for one and one is all, and now one will fall, how will you fall. be with me cause were in this together, wait for me cause you want to know where i am going.

h3. old dale road