Dear friends & animals lovers, Stillpointe Llama Sanctuary needs your help.

lisa and i have had the honour of calling chela and mark good friends for a few years now. they run an animal sanctuary called stillpointe (in seabeck, wa), where they have a herd of around 30 llamas, who were all rescued from abuse and neglect.

they run stillpointe when they aren’t working at their full-time jobs, and do it out of pure love towards all living things. chela and mark recognized a wrong and had the courage to do something about it – by saving llamas from being abused, neglected and treated badly. they now work tirelessly to care for, rehabilitate llamas (as well as goats, geese, chickens, dogs, etc…) and give them a better life.

as much as it upsets me that there are people in the world that would intentionally harm a llama, my faith in humanity is renewed in the knowledge that there are people like chela and mark, who dedicate their lives to the loving care of animals.

we have visited stillpointe often, and spent time with these llamas. they are gentle, affectionate and very aware animals. one of the best parts of any visit is the first few minutes, when the more bold of the herd come up to us and put their noses softly against ours to share breath. our own adopted llama, starman, has come a long way – from being too shy to come near us to now gladly eating carrots or strawberries from our hands.

stillpointe, which is a registered charity, relies on donations to feed and care for their herd, and so i am humbly asking for your help. please consider a donation of any amount, or virtually adopting a llama (this seriously makes an amazing present for a loved one).

thank you,