A Crow’s Funeral Story

There are a lot of second-hand accounts of actual “crow funerals” happening, but people seldom witness them.

A few weeks ago, a friend said he watched a crow get caught in some power lines behind his house, get electrocuted and fell dead into his alley. The next day a large group of crows gathered, at exactly the same time, surrounded the dead bird, and started cawing for a short while. The group then fell completely silent (which was equally as loud) for a few moments and left, again, all at the same time. This repeated every day, with the numbers of the group slowly dwindling over the coming days.

The body eventually disappeared, and the numbers of crows gathering to caw fell to a single crow. This solitary bird returned at the same time every day for months to the spot where the crow had fallen dead.

Crows are intelligent and social creatures, but more importantly, crows mate for life.